Lake St. Clair

Join Mike Hulbert at Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River

Detroit River Walleye Jigging, Late March
End of May

 The early season walleye run is nothing short of phenomenal. The pre spawn bite starts in late March with large numbers of big females.   As the run continues through the spring, you will experience limits after limits with not just numbers but a great size average as well.   I can take 1-4 people depending on group and I work along side other guides to fit the needs of larger groups.    These 4-5 hour trips are a great way to start off the season and stock the freezer with plenty of fish!


June – December

Trophy Musky Hunts on Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair is part of the Great Lakes System, and LOADED with Muskies…and serious GIANTS! I have spent countless days and thousands of hours picking this lake apart and have figured out a great casting bite on this lake during the summer, early fall and late fall periods. Every season my boat produces an insane amount of muskies and we also land a ton of fish over that magical 50 inch mark. 10-15 fish days happen every month…days with multiple fish over 50 inches is not uncommon. My best day casting is catching 26 muskies…my best big fish day was 4 over 50 inches in a single day. This truly is a trip of a lifetime and you should take advantage of how “HOT” this lake is right now! Consider this…when have you ever considered catching 3 muskies in a day a slow day?? You won’t be disappointed when the muskies are on the move. This lake can can ruin a person!!